In 1939 a group of concerned citizens of the Central Valley area banded together and through donations and fund raisers, were able to form the Central Valley Fire Department.  The first meetings were held in the Barger's Café, which was later removed in late 1939 to make room for the railroad when it was routed through Central Valley.

The first Fire Chief was August Hamel, owner of Central Valley's first hardware store.  The Assistant Chief was Chick Polin, owner of Polins Little Reno, a bar and café in town.

The newly formed fire department's first piece of firefighting equipment was a trailer with two tanks which they called “little squirt”.   Soon after, the group built up an old GMC into a fire truck. These two pieces of equipment were kept in a garage behind Louie’s Barber Shop on Shasta Dam Blvd.

On September 10, 1940 the fire department was abolished and the Fire Protection District was created in order to establish a good source of funding for the fire department. Art Hammonds was appointed Fire Chief of the new district and the volunteer staff increased to 8 volunteers. As time went on through the war it became apparent that another fire engine was needed, however fire engines were hard to find.  The district purchased a 1921 REO SPEEDWAGON fire engine from a rancher in the Cottonwood area and used this piece of equipment until it was placed in reserve status in the late 1960’s, it was turned over to the volunteers for restoration in 1967.  Pete Moskoff and his father John began the restoration project which was later taken over by Chief Bellus and Stephen Mix and completed in 1982. It is now enjoyed by the whole Shasta Lake community in parades and city functions.

Through the efforts of volunteers and cement blocks donated by local people, the first floor of a new fire station was built.  In 1953 a bond issue for $15,000 was floated and the John McCabe contracting firm of Chico completed the two-story building.  A Chevrolet flat bed truck was purchased from CDF and built up into a fire engine while Clarence Barger donated a 1938 Ford panel which became the district's first rescue unit.

The District's first fulltime paid firefighters were hired on December 1, 1965.  These firefighters were Don Elverud, William Vanover, and George Jones. On February 1st the following year, Loid Bellus was hired as the district's first paid Fire Chief. This staff with a volunteer force of 20 volunteer firefighters provided protection for the Central Valley area, running approximately 400 incidents a year.

In 2001 the District was able to hire 3 new fulltime firefighters increasing staffing to two firefighters per shift.

The district currently employs 9 fulltime professionals, 1 Admin clerk, and provides 24 hour day coverage of the City of Shasta Lake and surrounding areas. The district runs approximately 1500 incidents a year with its 5 Engines, Water Tender, Breathing Support, Patrol and 2 quads as well as superb fire suppression with constant training and rapid responses.
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